Thrive in the City



  • Mission Statement

    Thriving exists to equip urban missionaries for comprehensive global urban ministry through, for, and from the local church.  We are biblically based, theologically rich, historically rooted, Christ-centered, Spirit-guided, justice-oriented, missiologically driven, and tailored to the needs of people of color in our efforts to proclaim and practice the multifaceted wisdom of God for the underserved areas of cities and towns. For us, we want to promote the growth of scholarly practitioners for undeserved urban environments by training leaders to have a robust love for Jesus and people!

    (1Chron 12:32, Micah 6:8, Matthew 23:23, Col 1:16, 2 Tim 2:15, Acts 4:31, Col 4:2-6, Acts 2:47)

  • Message from the Founder

    Our focus is to connect with underserved communities to help provide robust theological acumen from the scriptures that  creatively and contextually prepares God’s people for service; while at the same time focusing on the centrality of Jesus. We want to equip and support those dedicated to urban ministry to grow outstanding character, competence, commitment, and compatibility to serving the their city and the local church. Through functional events, media, and online tools we will work to equip leaders to serve well as they continue to grow and develop more and more leaders for the building up of other leaders for Christ’s kingdom.

    -Dr. Eric Mason


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The annual Frequency Conference is one of the most exciting pieces about Thriving. Each year, thousands of ministry leaders from across the nation gather together for dynamic worship, fellowship and teaching that will equip them to not only survive, but thrive!

The Frequency Conference is a unique urban ministry training platform that helps speak to the very specific needs, both historically and contemporarily, of urban leaders in order for them to challenge, engage and be strengthened.


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What is the Woke Church Movement?  Please watch these videos as our Founder Dr. Eric Mason explains exactly what Woke Church is, and what it is not!

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There has been a growing need, particularly in urban ministry, for church planting development, mostly due to limited resources. There are resources for general apologetics and general church planting, but when it comes to urban apologetics and urban church planting the information is lacking. The Church Planting master class will aid in contextualizing the unique needs of ethnic minorities in those particular areas.

R E G I S T R A T I O N  C O M I N G  S O O N



With other religions aiming to empower African Americans today in their quest for identity and what it means to be black, the goal of the Woke Church Video Series is to debunk the myths that those religions have formed about Christianity. Through a collective of short videos we will inform and educate believers on how to contend for the faith in a gracious, yet bold way.


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The Woke Church initiative is a big umbrella that focuses on the need for the church to be awakened to unique needs – particularly of African Americans – in addition to the extremely multifaceted narrative that we’ve had in this country to which the broader church needs to be awakened as well. Woke Art is one of those facets and gives a commercial for everything that we’re trying to do; it’s the artistic and inspirational element that gets people thinking and gets them excited while celebrating black excellence through art.



The Woke Church Think Tank is made up of several multifaceted groups focused on education, justice, economic development, housing and family. Each group will be made of professionals within the think tank that will develop practical mechanisms that will help the church to be trained and educated in how to systemically deal with the needs of the African American community. These groups will tackle – among other issues – the school-to-prison pipeline, partnering with teachers to buy things that students need in the classroom, assisting from an entrepreneurship aspect that will aid in career path development or offering help with tutoring, mentoring and educational track development.


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